I Was Asked, What Was My Inspiration to Write My Book?

After my mom’s death, I was left alone with myself in her apartment in Israel. It felt like I was in a sort of a vacuum.  10 years ago, I left my home and children in the Netherlands and flew to Israel. Mom was already 86 years old. “I have to be with grandma now and take care of her”, I told them and went. 

I took care of my mom for 10 years and was with her for hours every day,  and suddenly there was silence. She was gone and I was left alone. When Mom passed away in 2021 at the age of 96, I was 75. I was unable to think about the next phase of my life, and I spent hours in front of the television.

I watched various programs and TV series, especially the Turkish ones where most of the narratives were human dramas. I sank into memories of my own dramas and roller-coaster life. I remembered the early years of my life alone in nature, and everything that had happened during my growing up, and suddenly I felt the urge to write. The story just poured out of me, part of it true and part fiction, to create a compelling narrative.