The Author

Judith Hirsch, a Dutch author, was born in 1947 in Israel and spent her early years living with her parents in a remote cabin her father had built on the seashore, far from any other settlements. Nature and its myriad creatures were her sole companions as she grew up in this secluded environment. Later, when she ventured into the broader world and married a diplomat, she ushered in a turbulent phase in her life and never returned to make Israel her permanent home. She travelled around the world, living with indigenous for many years, learning their culture, their feelings and ways of thinking, their wishes and hopes, their traditions and beliefs, their struggles, their battles, and fears. With her warm and compassionate nature, she could always identify with their concerns and found ways to help them find the power within themselves to overcome their adversity and to understand that the only way to survive is to unite, to help each other despite their differences, and to mutually find ways to live together and embrace the differences between all people involved, in order to grow and thrive and protect together the only thing that matters the most: The precious life itself. The only thing that is needed to achieve all that is love.

 In June 2020, Judith released her debut book, titled “You Are the Driver of Your Life”. This work is a personal development book which helps readers recognize the invisible but powerful laws that are present in our daily lives and teaches how to utilize their forces to create a better reality.  More information, see “Other Works”.

 “Jasmine” is a romantic drama, replete with adventure and action, blending elements from Judith’s factual narratives with fiction, to create a compelling narrative.