The Book


Jasmine Steiner, an Israeli-American Special Forces operative dispatched on a covert mission to Afghanistan, where she falls into the clutches of the Taliban. Selim Aslan, a Turkish-American Special Forces fighter renowned for his hostage rescue expertise, embarks on a daring mission to secure her release, but their escape takes a tragic turn as their plane plummets into the remote wilderness of southwestern Afghanistan, far from civilization. Their perilous 1,200-kilometer trek on foot back to their military base in the Persian Gulf serves as a prelude to the real drama awaiting them on American soil.

Within these gripping pages, you will find yourself immersed in a narrative brimming with adventure, drama, intrigue, passion, and a profound love story. It is a tale of two individuals ensnared by the constraints of their respective upbringings, traditions, beliefs, and societal taboos.